I am immensely happy to hear that you are all fervently seeking the Glory of God. I earnestly beg you to remain united with God in the observance of your Rules. Then you need have no fear and can be certain that no matter how weak and good-for-nothing you are, the Lord will make up for whatever is lacking in you and He will give you the grace to see Him served and glorified in your neighbours. But before everything I recommend you to practise mutual charity among youselves. As for the rest, everything will go well.

st. Magdalena di Canossa
To Holy Mary – Mother of Sorrows


Father, who willed that Mary be at the foot of the cross,

sharing in the sacrifice of your Son;

Grant us, through Her intercession, to bear within ourselves the image of Christ Crucified and Risen

and to spend ourselves, with untiring charity, for the good of our brothers and sisters.

Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Mary, Mother of Love at the foot of cross – pray for us


Virgin most sorrowful,

Mother of Love at the foot of the cross,

You received the most amiable, the most generous and th most patient Spirit of Jesus.

Since the beginning, by saying Yes to the Father’s design,

You have been Servant, beside the Servant, that is, Jesus.

Let the spirit of your Crucified Son be born in us so that every action of ours may be prompted by his very Love,

And we may reveal the Father’s care and love every time we meet our brothers and sisters. Amen.