Don’t be preoccupied, God can do without us.

st. Magdalena di Canossa

We, Daugthers of Charity, Servant of the Poor: named canossian sisters, like hand over His love to every saint Magdalene of Canossa,we are called and filled of the charism of the contemplation of Jesus Crucified and to every people of every nation, with aid of every culture, having the only purpose the glory of God and salvation of the souls.

Our Foundress, Magdalene di Canossa, experienced personally the infinite love of God who revealed Himself in the way most full in the sacrifice of love of His Son Jesus Crucified.

CHRIST CRUCIFIED, contemplaed in His special love to the Father and to every people, is our Example and  the Fundament on which we build and who qualify us to love with the same love God and the neighbours.

And, after had received from Magdalene di Canossa an indication to look intently in the Example in Jesus Crucified  INSPICE ET FAC SECUNDUM EXEMPLAR, we contemplate carefully His Love expressed on the cross. In the conseguence, every day we learn “to die for ourselves” to revive like a new creatures. This realise itself as a gradually process through which in every aspect of live we can assume the form of JESUS who “after loving them loved them by the end” (J 13, 1).

Following the lead of our  Foundress, we put the Kingdom of God above the human interests and we practice the ministries of Love: education, evangelization, pastoral care of sicks, spiritual retreats and formation of lays for the mission. So we arrange to augment the number of ‘apostles’ in the local church.

Burning thirst to act to make Jesus know, in order to make Him accepted, understood and loved, is the source of our life. This is our mission and we try to realize this everywhere we are, for every people, especially for the poorest: with the style of humbleness, simplicity and gratitude.

The name we bear: Daughters od Charity Servants of the Poor, denote two aspects of the law of love to which we are called.
God is love so we must love Him with the profound and filial love, abbandoned unconditionally to His will. We dedicate ourselves in the service to our borthers and sisters in need, showing them the same love which we are loved by God.

We onorate Mary, Mother of Jesus as the Mother of Love who stand under the Cross. She is for us an example of the perfect faithfulness to God and our company in the pilgrim through the live. We constantly ask Her the grace to be incessantly docile to the Holy Spirit and faithfull to the charism of love to the very end.

As Holy Mary, Mother of Love under the Cross, also we can became this that we contemplate. We learn to remain faithfull to LOVE and to extend LIFE.

Our Foundress recommended us to love by words and example Mothers of Sorrows and we are beholden to this for the reason of justice, truth and gratitude. For that we call her as “MOTHER OF LOVE” which stands under the CROSS”.

Lots of women and men in the different countries and from the various surroundings discovered in Magdalene the same gift of the Spirit that they lively feel in the deepness of their soul. They responded for this gift engaging all their strenghts, uniqueness and sharing with others of the wealth of their culture.