Don’t think that the Lord is so narrow-minded as we are regarding forgiveness for offences received. God’s wealth is boundless and He likes to bestow His great Mercies.

st. Magdalena di Canossa
Formation of lays for the apostolate

From the beginning of the Institute our Foundress created a meshwork of persons dispositional to collaborate in the work in favour of the poor and needy.
The potential and accomplishments of lay people who discoure in themselves germs of canossian charism, are the real and great gift of God for the Institute and for entire Church.

Formation of Lay Canossian
Itinerary of spiritual growing of lay poeple in the charism is sustained through a special formation and by dynamic and familial contact with the Daughters and Sons of Charity.
Partecipation at the meetings make them deepen in the charism and the training of apostolate, especially in the field of education, catechesis and charitable activities. In the same time the lays share their witness of services in their environment.

Whom of them desire to join Canossian family, engage himself in the sistematic formation for growing in the spirit of charity. Evangelical and carismatic values are specified in the
Statutes of Lay Canosssian Association, the document approved by the Church.

In comunion with Lay who belong to Canossian Family

An active presence of lay, sympathizers, friends and co-workers with our family continue to be for us – as in times of Magdalene – a very important presence and support for an advancement of canossian apostolic reality. Together we can re-vivify the growing of our personal and collective consience, through initiatives and meetings inspired by credible witnesses and friutful sharing.

Together we can do better because together we can reach more persons in need of sustain, of presence, needy of education, needy to feel loved by God and by the others.