Niech wasze życie polega na nieprzerwanym ciągu drobnych ofiar i oto jesteście na drodze do świętości.

st. Magdalena di Canossa
Pontifical Missionary Intentions

Pontifical Missionary Intentions for the Year 2018

For evangelization: for cristians in the Asian countries so that they, togehter with religious minority, could pratice their faith in a full freedom.

General: for those who exercise material, political and spiritual authority, so that they don’t allow themselves to be directed by the corruption.

For evangelization: so that whole the Church recognize the necessity of the spiritual discernment in the individual and community aspect.

General: for those who are responsable for the ideas and the way of management in economy, so that they would have the courage to denay eliminative economy and be able to open a new ways.

For evangelization: so that the faithfull lays in the Church fulfil their specific mission, utilising their creative abilities to answer the challenges of today’s.

General: so that the workers of the public network favour solidarity and respect of the others, in their difference.

For evangelization: so that the priests who live their pastoral work in heygh difficulties and in the loneliness, feel aided and fortified by the friendship with the Lord and brothers.

General: So that the big economical and political decisions protect the families as the treasure of the humankind.

General: For our parish so that they, animated by spirit of the missionarity, would be the places of trasmission of the faith and the witness of the charity.

For evangelization: So that the consacrated persons wake up their missionary enthusiasm and would be present among the poor, those who are marginalised and those who has no voice.

General: So that the language of the heart prevail always the language of the weapon.

For evangelization: for the persons engaged in service of transmission of the faith so that they could be able to find the adequate language for the present time, in the dialoque with the cultures.