I remember you which glory is expected to those who will teach catechism. That they will shine like stars in the eternal live.

st. Magdalena di Canossa
Saint Magdalene of Canossa (1774-1835) Foundress of Dauhters of Love, Servants of the Poor, Canossians SAD CHILDHOOD The Marchioness Magdalene Gabriella of Canossa was born in the evening of March 1, 1774, in Verona, the beautiful city of the Scaligeri family. She was the third child of the Marquis Ottavio and his twenty year old wife, Countess Teresa Szluha. Her birth was no mment of joy for her parents, but a bitter dissapointment. They had been expected the son. The baby was baptised the next day in the parish of San Lorenzo. Magdalene stood out among her brother and sisters for her vivacious, open character, both affectionate and strong. Unfortunately, the harmonious development of a tranquil childhood was interruted by a family tragedy which suddenly befell the Canossa house. On October 5, 1779, Marquis Ottavio had a seizure while on excursion toLessini hils. He was olny 39 years old. He died the next day. Just a few monhts later, Magdalene and her brother and sisters were hit by an even worse tragedy: to loss of their mother. On her husband's death, teh 27-year-old Countess Teresa had found herself alone,the only woman in the Canossa household, with four men to look after, in addition to her own five children. Her knowledge of Italian language was only fair. her mentality was opened and very different from that of the Marquises which was somewhat rigid and conservative. She married Marquis Odoardo Zenetti of Mantua, abbandoning to their fate her five small children, of whom the oldest was nine the youngest only two. Yet, Countess Teresa was attached to her children. On many occasion later and, in different circumstences, Magdalene would repeat: "mother loved her children very much". In fact, she kept up a discrete and affectionate correspondence witn her children. Who will eve be able to unveil the mysteries of a woman's heart?! Magdalene was 7 years old. She shut the traagedy of that incomprehensible separation un in her heart and kept it there forever in absolute and respectful silence.
We, Daugthers of Charity, Servant of the Poor: named canossian sisters, like hand over His love to every saint Magdalene of Canossa,we are called and filled of the charism of contemplation of Jesus Crucified and to every people of every nation, with aid of every culture, having the only scope the glory of God and salvation of the souls.
More than two ages of story 1808-2008 Born in Verona the 1 of march 1774 r., in the noble descent "di Canossa", Magdalene was the third of six progeny. Yet as child she felt desire to consecrate to God and this desire across life experiences (the dead of her father, the second marriage of mother, an illness, incomprehension) gathered form and matured more and more.
Our services of charity Faithfull to the apostolic project of our Foundress, engaged in the local Church we dedicate ourselves to  brothers and sisters the most needy of education, evangelisation and the care in their illness. Everything through the "services of charity", than saint Magdalene di Canossa named "incessant and continuous".  
Tuesday November 7th, 2017
Reflections from Retreat of Advent 2017
I think that the most important message for me from this retreat is that we must be vigilant: we must be always in the state od God's grace to be ready for the final coming of our Lord Jesus Christ  
Saturday June 10th, 2017
Retreat of 2010 – Koźmin Wielkopolski
Retreat: Koźmin Wielkopolski 17-19 march 2010 (90 km from Kalisz).