I have great desire to hear that in the month of the Sacred Heart you have decided to imitate the two virtues most dear to Him. Believe me, they are most necessary for your sanctification and for the edification of our Sisters.

st. Magdalena di Canossa

To the saint Bakhita:


God, Father of mercy,

who gave us saint Josephine Bakhita

like universal sister,

evangelical  example of simple faith and  active love,

donate also us of desire of the faith and love,

according to  indications of the Vangel and

hear everyone who  call for her intercession .

For Christ our Lord.



God, our Father,

the freedom of oppressed and Consoler of the poor,

who call the mans and the women,

from every people and nations

to experience the blessing of faith and freedom,

heat into your children desire of santity,

the same that you had filled into saint Josephine Bakhita,

the virgin, to be also faitfull to your commandment

and serve You with the same purity of heart.

For Christ our Lord.


To the saint Magdalene di Canossa

God, Father of goodness,

who wanted to revelate  for the humble and small Your love,

when You inspired saint Magdalene of Canossa

like a servant of the poor;

make, to look for You above everything

and serve the poor and the small in the spirit of love and humbleness.

For Christ our Lord.


Saint Magdalene di Canossa, pray for us.

To Holy Mary – Mother of Sorrows

Father, who wanted that the most Holy Mary stay under the cross,

united with the victim of Your Son ,

through Her intercession make

us bear inside the reflection of Jesus Crucified and Risen, and make us

donating of indefatigable love for good of brothers.

For Christ our Lord.


Mary, Mather of love, who stand under the cross, pray for us.