Those who repose on my dear Madonna will receive all what he wants.

st. Magdalena di Canossa

We give thanks to the girls who partecipated in the last Retreat. We present some of their reflections after this time:

God gave us the free will so that we decide if to do something good or bad. But our choice always brings the conseguenses co we must remember of this.
Vocation to the freedom is connected with the vocation to love of the neighbours. We must be carefull to non ostacolate the freedom of another person. M. M.

These days was for mi a beautifull time when I cuold hear about freedom, slavery and love. Very important for me were the conversations with another girls and also with the Sisters who  infected us of joy and entusiasm. R.

This retreat in the community of canossian sisters will change a lot in my life. I got to know many very precious presons. The event most touching for me was the visit of disable and sick persons in the House of cure. I’ve got to know al little also the live of nuns. Even I like this. Mutual assistance, constant smile make me look at the nuns in another way than before. I long for the next retreat that will be. Maja

This retreat was for mi the time helpfull to hash and reflect. I’a glad that despite of lots of obligments I’ve found the time to God, to myself and to the others. And this time had fleeted! Way of the Cross, adoration, a long conversations and meditations under the Word of God, visit in the House of the Social Help, the film… everything has helped me to disconnect from the troubles and regard the sense of the Lent and to see so great Love of God to me and to everyman. The Love of Christ who leaved to be crucified to save the world. Weronika


For everybody who visit our webside we greet good preparation for the Triduum.

Comunity of Cracov