As St. Francis de Sales says, we should prefer and love thew will of God rather than our inclinations.

st. Magdalena di Canossa
Canossian Sisters in Ukraine

Canossian Sisters in Ukraine

The first very clear call to found the canossian community in Ukraine, had heard sr Elizabeth. It was in 1993 when she, together with sr Monica went for the pilgrim to one of the sanctuary of this country. Thanks to lots of contacts with the peolpe of the local Church, our Congregation had understood that the ucrainian people need so much the wittness of the faith, capable to dedicate the time, the energies, the attitudes and even the whole live to make know Jesus Christ.

The first community started to live in the city Vinnytsia, in 1995. The mission in the Parish of Friars Minor Capuchin needed help. The sisters answered for this need and especially for the question of the protection of human live after conception. The house on the photo in a clinic under the name of saint Joanna Beretta Molla.

In these years a lot of young girls who frequented sister’s convent, told them that if they would have known before about the value and santity of human live, they would not have accepted to abort their child.. Today lot of them collaborate with a  great heart, with sisters for protection of human live.